Asthma in Ashford project - investigating the causes of childhood allergy and asthma with the aim of discovering why the latter is becoming more common.

The Colt Foundation

The Foundation was established under a Trust Deed of 28 August 1978 by the O'Hea family with gifts of shares in Colt International and Associated Companies Limited. This gift is now represented by 22% of Ordinary £1 shares in Colt Investments Limited, which is the holding company for the Colt Group of Companies. The primary interest of the Colt Foundation is to promote and encourage research into social, medical and environmental problems created by commerce and industry. The Colt Group can be contacted through its website

The Purpose of The Foundation

The Foundation considers applications for funding high quality research projects in the field of occupational and environmental health, particularly those aimed at discovering the cause of illnesses arising from conditions at the place of work. The Trustees are especially keen to fund research that is going to make a difference to legislation or working practices. The work is monitored by our Scientific Advisers and External Assessors to achieve the maximum impact with available funds. Grants are not made to the general funds of other charities, or directly to individual research workers, and the Trustees prefer to be the sole source of finance for a project. Please check the ‘Grants’ section of our website.

The Foundation also makes grants through selected universities and colleges to enable students to take higher degrees in subjects related to occupational and environmental health. PhD Fellowships are awarded each year, and the Foundation is committed to support the MSc course in Human & Applied Physiology at King's College, London. Please check the 'Students' section of our website.

Research in Occupational Health has evolved since the early post war years when most ill health arising in the workplace was in an environment of steel mills, coal mines and other heavy industries. Today, those industries have all but disappeared in the UK, and the percentage of the workforce employed in manufacturing has declined enormously since the 1950's. In the past, the main hazards were from toxic dusts, for example from coal, asbestos and quartz, and from toxic fumes, the problems of which are now largely understood. Please check the ‘Projects’ section of our website’.