Colt Foundation Day 2018

The Colt Foundation was registered as a charity with the UK Charity Commission in 1978, and has now awarded more than £16.5 million in grants. To celebrate the work that has been funded over 40 years, the Foundation will be holding a scientific meeting at the Royal Society of Medicine in London on Monday 29th October 2018. Details will be published shortly, and anyone who would like an invitation to attend can make contact with Jackie Douglas on

Colt Research Day

The Foundation makes grants to students taking higher degrees in subjects related to occupational and environmental health through selected universities and colleges, and grants to students account for between one-quarter and one-third of the Foundation’s annual grants. The Foundation also supports the MSc in Human & Applied Physiology at King's College London.

Each year a Colt Research Day is held to which current students, and occasionally former students, are invited to give a presentation of their work and outline their plans for the future. This gives them the chance to meet the other students and some of the Trustees and present their work to a friendly and supportive audience, which will include a small number of invited guests with a particular interest in the world of occupational health research.

Colt Research Day in 2019 will be held in January at The Gordon Museum at the GKT Campus near London Bridge Station and presentations will be heard from all the Colt Foundation current PhD students, and one or two of the recently completed MSc students from King's College London.  The date is yet to be finalised but if anyone would like further information or an invitation to attend, please contact Jackie Douglas at

Workplace Health 2018: 25th and 26th September 2018

Workplace Health is an annual two-day seminar from The At Work Partnership in association with the journal Occupational Health [at Work], providing an in-depth clinical and management update on some of the major issues in occupational health today. It is an excellent forum for discussion on a wide range of occupational health concerns. The 2018 seminar will include a Colt Foundation keynote lecture from Professor Tarani Chandola,  and a second Colt Foundation keynote lecture from Professor Karen Walker-Bone.  The seminar will take place at the Chesford Grange Hotel in Warwickshire and further details can be obtained from Janie Acton at

PhD Fellowships 2019

PhD Fellowships are awarded annually. The advertisement for the 2019 PhD Fellowships will be sent out, and posted on the website under 'Students', in July 2018 and the closing date for receipt of applications will be 1st September 2018.  Interviews will take place on Monday 12th November 2018.  

Potential applicants can contact Jackie Douglas on 023 9249 1400, or email on for further details or advice.

Professor David Denison

The Trustees were sad to report the death of Professor David Denison in 2014. David was the founding Scientific Adviser to the Trustees, and his support and advice have been invaluable over many years. The Foundation held a meeting to celebrate his life and achievements at the Royal Society of Medicine in London on Monday 20th April 2015, attended by 130 of David’s family, friends and professional colleagues. 

Presentations on different aspects of David’s life and career were heard from:

  • Dame Margaret Turner Warwick - introduction
  • Dr Tom Smith – Aerospace research
  • Professor Michael Bagshaw – Aerospace safety
  • Professor Peter Robbins – Human physiology at altitude
  • Mark Glover – Human diving safety
  • Professor Bob Schroter and Julian Knowles QC – Scientific advance and legal implications of the Billie-Jo Jenkins case
  • Professor Jerry Kooyman – Marine mammal lung structure, mechanics, bends and ventilation
  • Professor Andy Bush + Mike Morgan – David’s years at the Brompton
  • Jerome O’Hea – David and the Colt Foundation
  • Alice Porter – David as I knew him
  • Sir Philip Otton – David as an expert
  • Marie Noelle Cavallaro – David - our father